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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Seksi Cara Marketing Artis Malaysia Terkini

Seperti sudah menjadi satu perkara wajib...Artis mesti perlu seksi jika mahu laris dalam bidang seni...boleh dikira dengan jari artis wanita Malaysia yang menampilkan penampilan cara Melayu. Mereka ni seperti menunjuk-nunjuk dan bersaing sesam mereka, siapa yang mempunyai buah dada bersaiz 32, 34, tah...remedy pun kurang arif pasal saiz ni...

Ada yang buat tak kisah bila diajukan soalan tentang kerembesan beliau...tayang pusat, tayang peha yang putih mulus...membuatkan remedy pun boleh tergoncang iman...ha ha...seksi atau seksa...? jawab sendiri....seksi di dunia memanglah syurga bagi kaum lelaki...orang dah tayang....dapat tiket free tengok wayang...sambarlah...seperti kucing dapat ikan jawabnya...

Ada sesetengah artis yang melaram seksi ni...kalau diukur dari segi lakonan atau nyanyian memang tak boleh blah...harap seksi jer lebih...berlakon ke bakul...menyanyi ke tampil seksi untuk menarik perhatian penerbit drama, filem atau album.yang terkenal dgn sifat hidung belang, mata keranjang (segelintir) beri tawaran....

Saksikanlah wahai rakan2 ku sekalian....keseksian atau keseksaan mereka ini...adakah mereka benar2 seksi atau terpaksa menjadi seksi demi sesuap nasi...remedy simpati dgn nasib mereka...korang pulak macam mana?

Walaupun isu artis seksi ini dah seperti bersarang di Malaysia...saja remedy angkat entri ini sebagai pendapat peribadi remedy sahaja...

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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Astro B-yond- My Point of View-How about You?

Astro B.yond is a multi-phased innovation that begins with the first-ever High-Definition broadcast service in Malaysia. It is an entertainment experience like never before, the new standard in television.

Astro byond using HD format is only suitable for customers who have astro LCD TV, Plasma TV or LED TV. Who said astro byond not suitable for CRT TV? For Astro subscriber who still use the big CRT TV...don't still can receive 5 High Definition Astro Beyond channels. but you did'nt get the best HD pixel resolution and Dolby-E surround audio.

What type of HD will Astro be providing?
Would it be 720p or 1080i ? I doubt they would be providing 1080i as it requires more bandwidth. What about the band that they would use? Would they remain with the rain-sensitive Ku-Band or move to C-Band ?
Will we use the same small satellite dish to receive Astro contents?
Would Astro charge a premium for the HD decoder set top box?
Will we be charged a premium for HD contents?
Would the HD decoder set top box output HD via HDMI or Component Audio?
Next, the dilemma would be whether to purchase a HD Ready Plasma TV or Full HD LCD TV? Plasma TV high a high contrast ratio and pictures looks super crisp clear but it has lesser pixels whereas LCD TV at the same price can provide more pixels, but images do not look so vivid and the backlight make things worse.

Update deal:
1) 12 months contract
2) Free HDMI, free decoder, free installation, free satellite dish (bigger ones)
3) RM20 for access to all HD channels, provided you have subscribed to those packages (i.e. Access to ESPN HD only if you have subscribed to Sports package)
4) Only Sports and Documentary channels available
5) Starting December 18
6) Decoder comes with HDMI port, optical SPDIF, and USB port to be connected to external storage (currently not available yet)
7) Upon installation, your old decoder + smart card would be taken back.

Subsciber experience said:

Well, I have been using Astro Beyond for a week now. max res. is in 1080i. HDMI, component and composite. No S-Video. HD channels good but other channels have inferior resolution compared to my old Philips decorder.


There are rumors TM will launches cable TV. They already lay fiber optic cable in the housing area in Ipoh by phase and also throughout Malaysia . With fiber optic, high speed bandwidth will be achieved, not like now. T3 network connection. even the most minimal 90Mbps-100Mbps speed.

there are 3 things that will be through technology
1) Cable TV, yg takde weather disturbances, and more choices.
2) High speed Internet connection
3) IP Phone

What your Point OF View?

Monday, February 8, 2010

denise richards in its complicated

Denise Richards

Name: Denise Richards
Full/Alt. names: Denise Lee Richards, Denise Sheen
Date of Birth: Wednesday February 17 1971
Born: Downers Grove, Illinois (USA)

Partial Biography

Paul Verhoeven's decision to cast relative unknowns in the leading roles of "Starship Troopers" (1997) catapulted sexy Denise Richards from the obscurity of her TV guest spots to screen stardom. Denise Richards' topless makeout session in the pool with Neve Campbell in Wild Things is still one of the most provocative scenes we've seen in a Hollywood movie, and that was 12 years ago (not that we haven't watched it again since). Of course, has two children now, but in Hollywood, that only drives women to look better. Denise is definitely near the top of the list of celebrity MILFs.


"Doing love scenes is always awkward. I mean, it's just not a normal thing to go to work and lay in bed with your coworker."-Denise Richards

Five-episode reality TV show planned for Miss Malaysia Universe 2010 contest

KUALA LUMPUR: The Miss Universe Malaysia 2010 contest will be made into a five-episode reality television show to be aired over NTV7 before the grand finale on May 15.
The winner will walk away with RM50,000 while the first and second runners-up will get RM30,000 and RM20,000 respectively.

Former beauty queen Andrea Fonseka, who is the pageant‘s national director, said that the organisers were keen to crown a beauty queen who was “smart and down to earth.”

“We want her to have leadership qualities, a great sense of humour and the ‘X’ factor to become a star,” said Fonseka at the launch of the pageant yesterday.
The competition is open to Malaysian females aged between 18 and 26. Registration closes on March 23.

Short-listed contestants will be called for an interview in Petaling Jaya on March 13, Penang on March 20 and the federal capital on March 27.
The contestants will be judged on their performance throughout the pageant week that requires them to participate in task-oriented activities.
“Through this, they will be able to showcase their interaction abilities and other talents,” she said.

*Source: thestar online